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Lose The Fear Patch

Lose the Fear patch came from the idea of a viking helmet and the courage or the warriors. I was 14 and playing a tournament in Sweden. I was scared and had no belief that I could win anything. My parents spent lots of money on me. It was a big responsibility for a 14 year old. I went into one of the gift shops, it was Christmas time, and found this figure of a viking. He was funny and brave. He was no more than a few inches, but for some reason he made me calm down and be more optimistic. Many years later, this viking figure is still on my desk and reminds me to have the courage and lose the fear. I want to mass this message and story on to you. 

  • Color: black/white/gold
  • Size: 3.5" x 3.6"
  • Iron-on (sewing on is recommended). Watch the instructional video

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