Design Story: Shape The Future Patch

The plan was pretty set. Back in spring, I decided I want to shoot a video about how Asilda Store designs come to life, how everything starts with a phrase and a message and the design follows.

I thought the best example will be Shape The Future patch as the story behind it is probably more detailed than you can imagine. I went to film some clips that were originally going to be part of a bigger video. Waterman's Guild is an iconic glassing shop that now also makes their own boards under The Guild brand. 

Months went by, but I still pushed back the actual video edit. One day I will pull it all together, but for now here is a behind the scenes view of how surfboards are made. I'm really excited to share these three minutes of video, filmed and edited on my own. 

Shape the Future Design Story

Shapers are the craftsmen that make surfboards. I photographed about 35 different shapers for my Shapers series. Someone told me I should make my patch designs even more personal and I came up with “Shape the Future.”

Surf making is a mix of precision and hand craftsmanship. Surfboard making keeps advancing and so the design has a vintage vibe from Art Deco to give it a bit more serious look. Everyone thinks that surf culture is this worry-free lifestyle. I wanted to show the other side that rarely is talked about - how much there is when you look deeper than the surface. In the middle of the design is a surfboard and two hands of a shaper.

I didn’t do a color version because I wanted the eye to focus on the message, how clean the letters and patch threads are, and to pay tribute to everyone who let me photograph their shaping process.

This is a pretty intimate community and here I was, 20 something girl who has no idea about surfboards. It’s a big deal when someone gives you a chance and you have not much to show for yourself. At least that’s how it felt.

Here are a few shots to get you curious. This first one is my board being made. I photographed the whole shaping process. 

You can see my favorite selections from the Shapers photo series on

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