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Asilda Gift Guide and Current Black Friday Cyber Monday Discounts

Asilda Gift Guide and Current Black Friday Cyber Monday Discounts

It’s been on my mind to create a list of my favorite things that can be perfect holiday gifts and pretty much year-round gifts. I tried to group everything into 5 buckets: clothing, tech, workspace, carry, and other.



If you’re wondering who these gifts are perfect for, my answer is this:

  • For someone like you and me
  • Those who love travel and outdoor adventures
  • Analog lovers, often 35mm and 120mm film shooters
  • Everyone in creative careers, like writing and music
  • Anyone who likes physical, tactile, quality items
  • Anyone who is not a part of the digital chase

Currently, the list has a little over 40 items and brands, so be sure to keep going as you may find something you like at any point on this list. Amazon and B&H links are affiliate. 

Quick favor: if you like the suggestions and find this helpful, share this post on social or email to your friends. It will mean a lot to me.


1. Woolrich

BFCM Promo: 25% off nearly everything, no code

Woolrich is most famous for its wool blankets, one of which I have on my lap right now. These are softer than Pendleton and I personally prefer Woolrich designs. The one I have has a moose on it and currently is available on Amazon and Houzz.

If you’re also shopping for flannel and wool shirts, this will be the place. Just got 2 shirts a few weeks ago and ordered 2 more during the BFCM sale.


2. 2XU

BFCM Promo: 30% off

I first came across this Australian brand when I was searching for snowboarding compression socks. I wanted to see what’s out there that’s more advanced than normal winter socks and turns out 2XU has a pretty awesome range of cycling, fitness, and compression clothing. I purchased a bit of everything a few months back and happy with all of it.


3. Asics Tiger

BFCM Promo: 50% off select items with code TIGER50

Gel V sneakers have been on my personal shopping list for months. These have a classic design, are super comfortable for everyday wear, fit well with the clean urban look, and you don’t need to untie them (they're slip-on).


4. Pair of Thieves

BFCM Promo: Spend $100 or more and get 40% off with code BLACKFRIDAY40

It’s not weird to gift socks and underwear to your loved ones. Pair of Thieves has this great line of underwear calledSuperFit. These, from what I hear, are the most comfortable boxer briefs. If you need some artsy sock designs, you can buy a bunch here as well.  


5. Asilda Patches, Pins, Shirts

BFCM Promo: 25% off everything with code BLACK2017


Of course, I’d love you to see what’s available at Asilda Store. These are some of the well-received gifts under $10, based on what I hear from the store buyers. The new line of t-shirts, both unisex and women’s, gives a super soft feel, quality print, and awesome designs as always.

Other awesome brands and their current discounts:


6. Sony 1000XM2 Headphones

BFCM Promo: $50 off

I won a pair of these, a previous version, sometime in May. At first, I didn’t think much of the clean white box and a very simple clean design of these. But when you put these on, they will blow you away. All the audio hi-fi experts say these are the best on the market.


7. B&O H3 Earbuds

BFCM Promo: NA

I used to have Bose sports earbuds until they started falling apart after 3 years of use. I decided to give a try to these Bang & Olufsen H3 buds while taking off at the airport and I picked right. These may not fit well for all ear types, but I love the sound quality, build, and design. Definitely worth $149.


8. Sony RX100V

BFCM Promo: $50 off on B&H


When people ask me for a camera advice, I always say the same model and people are not impressed. I say that RX100V is the most versatile awesome camera that is the only one you actually need for running a store, traveling, etc. If you don’t believe me, look at this article and which image were taken with this camera. I think that is the best photo in the article. 


9. Sony a7Rii

BFCM Promo: $500 off on B&H

This is my primary camera, but it’s not in the budget for everyone. B&H currently has a deal for it, so I thought I’ll add it to the list. The new a7Riii version came out a few months ago, which is also a fantastic option for someone who wants to get the best camera on the market today.


10. RavPower

BFCM Promo: 50% off, various codes on Amazon in product descriptions

All my USB juice packs, camera batteries, and other accessories are from RavPower. Primarily sold on Amazon, these guys put out amazing quality electronic accessories and batteries at a super affordable price.


11. TechArmor

BFCM Promo: 25% off with code TACYBER25


For years, all my phones in the family have been covered with TechArmor screen protectors. I always prefer the ballistic clear glass option. It’s super easy to apply, no bubbles, no mess. If you know someone who has issues with cracked phone displays, this accessory will be a much-welcomed gift.


12. MeFOTO

BFCM Promo: NA

These are the best portable travel tripod brand, in my opinion. I got this one for a review for my photo blog and have been blown away ever since. It goes with me to every shoot and vacation. Amazingly solid, light, quick to set up, this tripod brand is what I’d get as my primary travel tripod. They just did a Kickstarter for a video version, which looks super slick and I’ll be sure to get one when it’s out.


13. Palette Gear

BFCM Promo: 1-2 bonus dials

If you’re a photographer who spends a lot of time in Lightroom or Photoshop or know someone who does, this button/dial/slider kit is a great gift for heavy software users. You assign specific functions to each button and can have multiple setups. It’s much quicker to edit this way, more precise and adds the fun to the typically routine process.


14. Aputure

BFCM Promo: up to 32% off, no code

All my current photo and video lights are by Aputure. For someone who needs an inexpensive camera light or microphone, Aputure puts out quality budget and pro versions of their gear. Mostly famous for its 120d light, the range of their products is impressive and can be used by both beginners and pro shooters.


15. Neon Mfg.

BFCM Promo: 25% off with code THANKS25

I really got into neon in the recent years and found this very cool brand in Canada that creates these lifestyle modern neon signs. Some are desktop, some you can mount to walls or lean on something. These are great for office and living rooms.


16. Pen Uno

BFCM Promo: NA

One of my favorite Kickstarters I’ve ever backed was by Ensso, the brand behind this minimalist pen called Pen Uno. This is my daily pen and I cannot recommend it enough. You’ll go through ink gels pretty quick, but packs of those are readily available on Amazon. 


17. Moleskine Journals

BFCM Promo: up to 40% off weekly planners

I’m finishing my 5th large plain Moleskine Journal right now. This article and most of my plans and ideas over the years originated there. An Italian brand that inspires you to fill the empty pages of the journals with your unique creative ideas and thoughts, Moleskine is the most well-known brand, after which all other brands, even older ones, began to create very similar journals.


18. Horween Cover for Moleskine

BFCM Promo: NA

If you do decide to buy a Moleskine journal, here is an awesome Etsy Horween leather cover that you can customize. I have one of these on my journals and I absolutely love it. Was looking specifically for Horween and this was the best one. The cover comes with a fresh new journal as well, which I didn’t expect.


19. Baron Fig

BFCM Promo: free shipping :)

Baron Fig is a Kickstarter-born journal brand that adapted to the needs of modern designers with some features not available in Moleskine, such as open flat design and perforated set of pages. But the coolest thing from Baron Fig, in my opinion, is the Nomad sticky notes. If you’re getting these as gifts, consider bundling them with Pen Uno or a bigger journal as well.


20. Ugmonk Gather

BFCM Promo: 20% off code GIVEBACK

Jeff from Ugmonk is someone I look up to in how he runs his online store. Designer by craft, he quit an office job and ventured on his own, a little over 9 years ago. This summer/fall, he launched a Kickstarter project that outperformed all expectations - a desk organization tool called Gather.


21. Grove Made

BFCM Promo: 20% off select items

The team from Grove Made has been making workspace items for quite some time and I started following them even before I launched the store. Everything they have looks amazing and adds to the clean, productive, organized workspace setup you or your gift recipient will enjoy daily.


22. Peak Design

BFCM Promo: up to 25% off

Peak Design and I go way back. They are known for futuristic bag and camera carry accessories and always do a killer job on their Kickstarter campaigns. I think they are the most funded company on Kickstarter if you sum up all their campaigns.

Anyways, the two things I highly recommend as gifts are the Everyday Sling 10L (or new 5L version) and the camera strap called Leash, which is great for small cameras and even my Sony a7Rii feels great with it.


23. Tanner Goods

BFCM Promo: 20% off no code

I think my love for leather and canvas started with the Tanner Goods products. Made in Portland, they have some of the most well-designed canvas bags and leather wallets on the market. I tested their camera strap, camera bag, and really want to get their duffel bag in the near future. They have dozens of products to choose from.


24. Trakke 

BFCM Promo: 20% off

Just got this one today and am pretty much in love with it. Handmade in Scotland, these waxed bags and backpacks are very well thought out and will pass the test of time. If you’re worried the shipping will take a long time from Scotland, I got my Assynt 28L backpack on the 3rd day. Wow.


25. Topo Designs

BFCM Promo: 25% off with code THANKS25

This is one of the modern classics and very well known brand by most adventure travelers. Topo Designs has a nice range of clothing too, but I cannot vouch for it as I’ve never tried it on. But bags I know. My three favorites are Kettlersack, Quick Pack, and a Pack Bag.  

See more options here:The Best Bags and Backpacks for Your Asilda Pins and Embroidered Patches


26. Wynd

BFCM Promo: 20% off with code WYNTER17

Both my fiance and I have this need for clean air at home lately. He started getting allergic to things, so we got a basic air purifier from Amazon. This Wynd purifier is 10 steps up from what I currently have and most likely will be buying it myself in the next few weeks.


27. My Dog Tag

BFCM Promo: 35% off on Cyber Monday with code CM17. 15% off with code ASILDA until Christmas

If you’ve ever lost your wallet or your keys, this item will come in handy. I have a dog tag on my keys and will put one in my wallet as well. I had friends who recovered their lost keys because they had an I.C.E. dog tag on the keychain. This is not a big investment and you can put any custom text or quote on these as you wish.


28. Nite Ize

BFCM Promo: NA

I love keeping my things organized and got a pleasure to meet the guys from Nite Ize at one of the outdoor expos this summer. I haven’t seen all their products in person, so this was for me like entering Disneyland. The cool things they have are Steelie Mobile Device Holder system, all kinds of ties, and quality LED lights.


29. Eagle Creek

BFCM Promo: 20% off on many items

For anyone who travels a lot or packs light, organizers are a great way to keep things in their places and always know where each item is. Eagle Creek is behind the most amazing packing organizers (in my opinion) called Pack-It. They have a whole range of products, most of which I bought over the years. You can build your own bundle and these will be great for your frequent traveler friends and family members.


30. Leatherman

BFCM Promo: 50% off select items


Every man in the USA probably either has or wants a Leatherman. Some women who need multitools in their lives are also in the same boat. Portland-made for over 25 years, these are worldwide popular and very high-quality multi-tools. I have one of these to a friend on his 41st birthday and his face lit up.


31. Audible

BFCM Promo: $4.95/month for 3 months


I prefer my books in Audio format these days and every month get 2 new credits dropped into my account. If you’re giving a gift of Audible, here is some quality reading they can start with:


32. YETI Ramblers

BFCM Promo: 25% off select Rambler bottles

I’m in the middle of my article about insulated bottles, their history and brands to know, and I came to a realization that I am favoring YETI Rambler ones over everything. They are better build, more thoughtful, and appear to be lasting longer over the years than other brands that started to have peeling paint, etc.


33. Therm-a-Rest @REI

BFCM Promo: 40% off discounted on site 

Even though I’m not much of a camper or a hiker, this chair is so portable and awesome for any setting, that I definitely recommend it. Especially when it’s on sale and half of it’s regular $99 price tag. For most of the outdoor items, I shop at REI or Backcountry.


34. REI 60L Duffel

BFCM Promo: up to 40% off


Most bag brands are getting into this hybrid of backpack and duffel bag situation. I looked and researched every option, read reviews on Amazon, and looked a pricing. In the end, I gave a shot to this 60L REI Light Paprika color duffel. I took it on a few trips already and it’s everything I expected it to be.


35. Brooklyn Candle Studio

BFCM Promo: 15-25% off based on tier

To finish off the list, I wanted to include something peaceful, cozy and socially inviting. To me, this sounds like candles. I heard about Brooklyn Candle Studio on a Shopify podcast and love their aesthetic and variety of bundles and scents. I just ordered the 2 Minimalist Candles Boxed Set with Ferm + Moss and Japanese Citrus scents.   


We’re done! If you enjoyed this list, please share it. Most discounts will expire on Monday, so we all have a bit more time to shop around with better pricing on everything. I’m off to a 45km cycling ride to Malibu and back. Wish me luck.

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