The Inspiration Behind the Asilda Collections

The Asilda Store was created because founder and photographer Anastasia Petukhova wanted inspirational messages scattered throughout her days spent shooting. With so many digital distractions, she wanted to create a collection of tangible reminders for people to spend their days a bit more unplugged, using their time to do what they love. These passions turned into the Camera and Adventure collections on the Asilda store.

Each pin and patch in these collections has an inspirational phrase, intricately illustrated and designed by Mike Cortes. The tiny character pins you see throughout the shop are illustrated by Anastasia's dad, artist Yury Petukhov.

The Camera Collection

As a photographer, you can’t just wait for inspiration to strike — especially if you’re finding time to shoot in a 40-hour work week. Photography is a passion that requires time, practice, and patience. Even more so when you love shooting film like Anastasia does.

All around the world, photographers put Asilda Camera patches and pins on their camera bags, straps, and jackets. From the shapes to the designs, Anastasia did a lot of research into the types of people who would buy these patches, what their style is, and where they would put their Asilda store items. All of this information informs each concept and design brief for new pieces in the shop.

In the Camera collection, there are pieces for every kind of shooter. The “Think First” pins/patches are ideal for film shooters and there are plenty of vintage camera silhouettes for the collectors. For the nature photographers, Never Stop Shooting and Go Out and Shoot are big favorites. One of the newest additions — Streets are my Fuel is for the city shooters, capturing big city buzz while pounding the pavement.

The Adventure Collection

The Adventure series is for a generation of people who are collecting experiences — not money. More than ever, people are saving up their money for vacations and weekend getaways more often than expensive cars and mortgages. This newfound spirit of adventure and discovery is a result of making the most out of what you have and getting back to basics.

Whether it’s conquering a new neighborhood or a new mountain, this series is filled with energy and encouragement to discover something new. For those in a constant state of wanderlust, Anastasia made the Traveler patch/pin and the Geographically Unstable patch/pin. For those who are fueled by fresh air and unbeaten paths, Life is Adventure and Wanderer are gear classics.

There are even some new pieces in the collection that capture an adventurous spirit that goes beyond travel. The Style is Personal and Have a Voice patches encourage a more self-reflective sense spontaneity and courage. It’s all about finding your footing and taking on new bits of the world.

Look for new inspirational arrivals in the Asilda store and follow the Instagram for the latest.

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