Asilda in the Wild: Camera Patches, Issue I

Even the most passionate photographers need some extra motivation every once in a while. That’s why we made this line of Camera patches to personalize your gear. We are always inspired seeing a community of truly great photographers and collectors shooting with their Asilda patches within reach.

To keep the inspiration coming, we’ve made a collection of highlights so you can get ideas for your own gear and add some stellar photography to your Instagram feed. Don't forget to tag your own Asilda patches on your gear with #asildastore so we can include and your work in the next issue.

Albany Katz is a photographer who is always traveling and documenting desert trails with intimate portraits of people and vegetation of the southwest. She's also the manager of our favorite print lab, @richardphotolab.

Nate Atmos is a film photographer in Portland, Oregon searching out signs of small town Americana through the lens of anyone one of his collection of vintage film cameras.

Tiffany Otoya lives in LA, exploring the city like a pro. If her jacket is any indication, this woman honors all thing funky and punk, and it’s definitely an honor that the Think First patch made the cut. That denim jacket is the gift that keeps on giving.

Yuan Pratama shoots in Japan with a keen eye for capturing the energy of the buzzing city. From theme parks and neon light to more hidden, intimate moments in alleyways and winding roads, his feed is a full picture of such a beautiful place.

If anyone knows style, it’s Annex Vintage in Montreal. This shop not only finds stylish vintage duds, but they photograph and style them brilliantly. The Think First patch is definitely a great companion for any photographer’s worn denim jacket.

Instagrammer in.williams seems to be an artist of all mediums, and we love this shot of a backpack decked out with patches. The punk, cloth patch in the bottom, left corner is an especially nice touch. You have to honor a fun patch layout.

Kyle Bautista is an LA-based photographer, with some beautiful 35 mm gems in his feed. He shows followers glimpses of personal adventures and candid portraits of friends along the way. His documentary shots are always worth a double take.


Take snapshots of your next shoot with your Asilda pins and patches and tag them with the hashtag #asildastore so we can see what you're capturing.

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  • Aimee Lower

    So awesome to see the patches being used and loved by such a diverse group of people showing how photography and the inspiration from these patches brings us all together ❤️

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